Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of Paid Betting Tips

Do not watch the games for your slips — it sounds strange but there are many arguments for this. One thing is, you will not be guided by emotions, you will not be stressed. In a case of a wrong tip, you will be willing to withdraw during the match invested money. Many Operators have withdrawal options before the end of the tip, obviously losing a great of capital. It is definitely good option to wait until the end, because it often happens that the last minutes of the match are decisive. Another argument is to use this time more productive by looking for the next events, unless you bet on your favorite team and you ate looking for pleasure.

nUnder some value and Overcoupons

The way for Over/Under slips is placing a bet for limited result of a match. Just like handicap bets, operators offer a very wide offer of types. The perfect disciplines in which these slips are used are basketball and other team sports. When to use these types of bets?

It’s really good idea to use it when you find events where teams have a lot of problems in defensive lines — for Over. However, matches where first choice players are missing in the offensive lines are perfect for — Under. You have to not take into analysis the statistics of teams, matches and leagues in which the average number of points per match predict Over or Under slips. Without due diligence methodology mentioned higher, it is not profitable to place a bet only taking into account on historical stats

Slip win chances confirmation, setting the invested capital

Stake matrix have to be in use, there are conditions with external circumstances which influencing on the final outcome in terms of the chances of win. Invested money value should be estimated taking into account clear criteria that minimize the risk of failure. Therefore, when setting the level of invested capital, bellow’s arguments should be taken into consideration. Detail tips creation standard work is here Profesjonalne typy bukmacherskie:

For Stake 1-3 – No strong evidence for advantage of one side opponent, unable to verify your information. Betting on «Public Stars from TV». The pounter faith in positive result. Referring to the Predicting win of visiting team. Faith in change after a series of defeats. Public info about team injures has been available for couple of days. Friendship games for noting. Betting based only on odds movements without double check the reason. Betting low level leagues – out of top50 based on UEFA ranking.

For stakes 4-6 – Betting event which don’t have conditions showed in above category stakes 1-3. Checked and confirmed missing of 3 key players in one opponent. Betting for home win. Analysis of history matches in terms of series of draws or «related» matches. If H2H upcoming matches looks to be fixed game or «related» bet a bet other way.

For Stakes 7-10: Proven missing of 4 and more strong players from one opponent. Competition for high stake. Matches from top European leagues. Unexpected team news to situation into match squad 30 minutes before match start (ex. Team manager decision to rest half of the strongest players). Proofed conditions described in previous category stakes.

Confirmed lack of more than 6 players from squad. «Letting go» of the match. Fulfilled conditions for previous stakes.

As a reminder, check constantly H2H results between opponents. There are the teams that have a friendly relation one to another in the way of taking back particular matches. It can be checked by analysing historical games, where specific results cyclically can happen. If we suspect such a outcome, the match should be removed or from the other way – just put a money accordingly.

By implementing conditions above and keeping consistency in work, you are lowering the risk of lost and your chances for taking money back are incomparably greater.

Relasing o betting coupon with right stake

The final step of the releasing a good analysis is, of course, investing capital the previously estimated stakes. You have to work fast when information found is really strong and you are giving a bet with stake 10. Take into account to stay one step in front of bookmaker in the race for really valuable tips. In the worst case, the bookmaker will drop odds by 90% on the event from the offer. It’s good practice to act quickly, looking for events regardless of odds changes, have accounts in various bookmakers and pick this operator who forgot with the odds reduction. Nevertheless, take into account that the beauty of sport stick in the fact that from time to time unexpected losts occur. Never introduce all your money into one strong favourite. Recommended practice is to split your capital and invest at once 20% from total budget, so in this case level of 30% of your total budget is in line to stake 10 in our methodology of creation valuable tips.

Why do we actually have to spend money for that ?

Let’s think about that, many tipsters, after years of bad carrier of betting at Bookies, lost a great amount of capital and invested in betting, end up frustrated, bankrupted and willing to pay to bounce back. Since there is a demand to pay for tips from desperate players, there must be a supply from «professionals». But, are those professionals really different than tipsters who are publishing free tips website like Profesjonalne typy bukmacherskie

To give you overview, we boughtaccess to betting pay tips on the several websites which offer Tips for money. We checked offer of this sites.

— Many entities are private looks to be one person site located in the Balkan countries – like Montenegro. Doing payments with Neteller or PayPal, we were worried about where our payment for subscriptions would go. In two cases, we saw neither Tips nor the money paid.

— At firs look we noticed the king of markets in which the picks are offered. Offerents are proud that the odds on their tips are not fluctuating. As we can see, the reason is that picks we got within a few weeks came from the Low league matches, the Peruvian, or the really lower Asian leagues. However, the point that the odds are not falling for these events is not true. Bookies also have information from such leagues, so the odds will drop for really good betting slips.

— Other argument provided offered by websites with paid tips are the so-called Warranty for Tipes of Day, or the return of the subscription whenever tips will lose. Hmm It looks to unreal argument, especially since the return of the subscription will not give you back money invested.

-Looking precisely at the events and analyses that are published as bought Tipes, in most cases they correspond to the way of creation that are used by tipsters publishing free really good tips on the Profesjonalne typy bukmacherskie. 90% of the paid tips are from the soccer area. The one difference is in the lower leagues from which paid tips are coming from. This is not a good strategy to consider this as professional analysis due to the unpredictability of such offers. Even all the arguments are in favour for one opponent unknown quality level of teams and missing access to confirmation of such a tips, at the end it’s really high risk to invest any money.

— Next points to take into advance is that proposed paid tips includes the commonly named Fixed matches. However, it is so difficult and verify the source of such an information, whether the tips providers actually have access to information or whether they are driven by Odds movements because the odds for such an matches are quickly removed from bookmakers’ offers. Next point, bookmakers are utilising special software, like Anti-Match Fixing by SportRadar, and suspected events are reported to dedicated authorities, so Persons responsible for match fixing are quickly eliminated and accused of money laundering. In fact, betting to fix matches is already too late,because the capital that was supposed to be in that type has already been wagered, which is causing odds drops and eventually matches are blocked from offer.

— Checking important point from paid betting tips area – On the AKO coupons, which were provided, we can find tips with odds 1.1 in combination, from all over the world. We wondered how we could paind the dollars on such a subscription. Every Tipster can create such coupons ourselves taking good betting tips.

— Looking broadly on the efficiency of paid betting coupons, the sites do not publish all the statistics, there are hidden confitions, the lost tips are not taken into consideration in the statistics because they are settled as returns, which is a fiction.

— Going to the end of paid tips analysis, providers who consider themselves as professionals are not so strong looking on Yield value, even in comparison to Top Tipsters from Profesjonalne typy bukmacherskie. In paid tips there are series of losses, where the promised money back provided by Sites is no longer even funny, person simply feels cheated.

The outcome that comes from the review of paid betting tips is simple, it’s a waste of stakes for even one-day subscriptions. Investing in premium tips is a mistake, and the capital provided to buying them can be better spent on really valuable analysis.

There are some exceptions, it is worth to take into consideration to buy tips, if we are able to confirm the historical statistics and their thruthness. If you do not have time for your own analysis, you can confirm and trust to sites with paid tips, you can always to pay for subscription. As long as desperate players are willing to pay and transfer the risk to someone else, these sites will continue to function.


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