The Way To Repair & Fix Toilet Leak

Repairing Cracked Ceilings or Walls of a Leaking Bathroom

Water can be harmful sometimes.

It is a frustration to see the damages water produces in an otherwise appealing house. Among the damages, the cracking of ceilings or walls in a bathroom is more generally seen or heard of. The circumstance worsens when it rains as we can actually see water seeping through the cracked areas.

If the situation is not treated, the high moisture may form a comfortable breeding ground for bacteria, permitting mould to develop on the surfaces. Prompt water leakage method is therefore needed. The following steps will show how to fix a cracked ceiling or wall of a leaking bathroom; or in a simpler term it guides you on how to fix toilet leak.

Step 1 : Clearing up the surface

The initial move to fix cracks or more particularly to repair water leakage is to knock off the peeling parts encircling the cracked area. It is suggested to use a putty knife or a paint scrapper to ease the removal.

If a little bit of mould has created in your bathroom, you must have them removed but it might be a little difficult as you need to wear on gloves and hold your breath while in contact with the mould. In case where mould has taken up a large area, it is better to leave the task to experts.

Step 2: Implementing drywall compound

Once the cracked area is cleared of scattered pieces, you may now utilize drywall compound (some term it joint compound) to fill up the cracks as an efficient protection against water leakage. Make sure to flatten the edge with your paint scrapper to avoid uneven surfaces that might affect the visual value of your bathroom.

Leave the compound to dry before you lightly sand it with a sandpaper to smoothen the surface. You may then apply a second layer of the compound, now covering a slightly wider area. Similarly, it is vital to wait for the compound to dry before sanding it again. If you would like to strengthen the patched area, you may add an additional layer of compound.

Once the final layer is dry, you basically have the water leakage repaired.

Step 3: Painting it up

It would not be attractive if you are to leave the patched surface in its original greyish colour, contrasting from the colour of your bathroom.

It is thus best to paint it up. For a long lasting solution, it is best to use SurfaPaint ThermoDry Interior from Nano-G. It is a eco-friendly paint with water sealant and thermal insulating properties. After painting the patched area, you have given adequate protection against water leakage and now you are done with the task.

This article works as a useful tip to help you on how to fix toilet leak especially on cracked ceilings and walls. If the condition of your bathroom is seriously damaged, it would be safer to hand your case to certified personnel for a better water leakage solution. After all, they know it better than the average Joe.


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