Super Bowl 2019: Synced sex toys will buzz for Brady, rumble for Rams

BDE isn’t gender-specific. It’s not a literal description, but a vibe. It’s having a healthy disregard for what people think about you because you already know you’re the bomb. Think of Rihanna: She is universally hailed as having BDE. Rihanna doesn’t care what you think, Rihanna is gonna Rihanna. Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher’s BDE was «off the charts,» one tweeter suggested. 

It’s almost like the sport was custom designed for gay men.     Robert Yang, game developer The AFL has been around for 150 years, and it’s a strange concoction of soccer, rugby and gaelic football. Four posts at either end act as goals, players jump in packs to catch the ball and play pauses whenever a mark is taken, but only briefly. After each goal, the ball returns to the centre and gets bounced while two of the tallest players in each team, the «ruck» men, have to jump up and tap it to a teammate — hence the name «Ruck Me». 

Still, we’ve seen other internet-connected sex toys come up well short of their privacy obligations — most notably We-Vibe, which settled a $3.75 million class action lawsuit in 2017 after uploading user statistics to the cloud without consent.

Now playing: Watch this: My conversation with Harmony the sexbot 3:05 Alongside names like Lovense and OhMiBod, the Cock Cam is one of a growing field of internet-connected sex toys, and perhaps the most concerning one yet given that we aren’t just talking about remote controls or usage statistics, but video. You know, complete with foreground floppage.

The Johns Hopkins team consisted of nine plastic surgeons and two urological surgeons (some members of the same surgical team were responsible for a rare double-arm transplant in 2012 for a soldier wounded in Iraq). The genital operation, performed in Baltimore, lasted 14 hours and took place on March 26. The organ came from a deceased donor. 

And while I’m dreaming, why not a new Apple TV Stick that lacks 4K and the fancy remote for $50? Once upon a time, the older Apple TV box sold for $69, £59 and AU$109. Maybe we could see those days again.

As polls open at 3 a.m. PT Tuesday, CamSoda is launching Pollcast, a platform that tracks election results in real time and sends correlating vibrations to synced sex toys. «Enjoy midterm voting results whether you win or lose,» says the cheeky CamSoda, which has in the past made it possible to use your penis as a password and lick your phone to share your best oral sex moves.  

Designers and other Twitter users were quick to weigh in with their own forceful opinions. Many wondered just exactly who the designers were, noting that one of the logos is a slightly tweaked version of NASA’s own «meatball» logo.

«President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE — a groundbreaking endeavor for the future of America and the final frontier,» the email reads. «As a way to celebrate President Trump’s huge announcement, our campaign will be selling a new line of gear. But first we have to make a final decision on the design we will use to commemorate President Trump’s new Space Force — and he wants YOU to have a say.»

Screenshot by Alexandra Able/CNET New menus with universal browse and watch list (with Netflix)

A new patent describes an updated menu system for Apple TV that’s focused more on TV shows and movies as opposed to apps themselves. Sounds good; Apple TV’s current interface looks dated and feels trapped by the iPhone legacy. The new menus, according to the patent application, would provide a central place for users to continue watching current videos, find new ones and get recommendations from multiple apps, without having to go into the individual apps themselves.

Michael Dodge/Getty Images A missed opportunity

Jason Ball understands homophobia in the AFL better than anyone. In 2012, he was playing amateur football for Melbourne’s Yarra Glen Football Club and became the first male player — at any level of competition — to come out as gay. 

Some debated which of the six was actually the best choice. «The bottom right one looks too much like the NASA logo and the top left one has too many things on it,» William Ward wrote. «The middle two look too cartoony. The top right one makes it seem like we’re fighting Mars. The bottom left is the best of the lot.»

Along with heat buildup, there’s Wi-Fi to worry about in this thing too, complete with a companion app that lets users view their videos or share them with a partner. If you think that sounds ill-advised in today’s connected age, you aren’t alone — and neither is the Cock Cam. 

CNET Lovense makes a variety of connected sex toys, both for men and women, all of which will work with SuperCast this Sunday. Each one uses a built-in Bluetooth radio to connect with the user’s phone, tablet, computer or smartwatch — if they like, they can also share control of their device with a remote partner via the app. The most popular of these devices is the Lovense Lush, a $99 vibrating egg.

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